Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Shoe horned random cultural collision pt12

Never stop looking.....
Thought I saw Pat Kane from Hue & Cry outside a pub in Cambridge Circus the other day. Not sure what he’s doing at present this doesn’t look like a real job maybe he had an appointment with George Smiley! Anyway as I recall he and his brother were looking for Linda on "slow train to Paisley”

Well I’m not sure they looked very hard because here she is in the chiller cabinet of my local shop. It’s pleasingly retro pop (not unlike Hue and Cry!) with that old skool essential for litter bugs a detachable ring pull and a pound and half of tartrazine as well hurrah! It's from the middle east ,the pomegranate flavours interesting too!

It Goes well with gin double Hurrah!

How plain can they make it Pat!

For younger readers: this is a ring pull .

Ps This might be Linda in Arabic!

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