Monday, 23 November 2009

David Sedaris: I like his funnier later show

The Hottest ticket around
To Broadcasting House with the wonderful A&E (we meet  at last) to see a recording for Radio 4 of David Sedaris reading from various of his books including his diary.  Not sure the security measures were entirely necessary, taking your belt off  and having your stuff X-rayed just to see a small Greek bloke reading pithy heart warming stories is over the top.

Not sure I have much more to say about Sedaris other than if you get the chance go and see him you won't regret!
Couple of points about broadcasting house we know it looks great (sorry my pic of the church next door came out better) but considering how much they pay the senior staff could we not spend some of money ripping out the bland 1990's interior and taking the theatre back to it's art deco glory.
Oh and one minor gripe why does the BRITISH Broadcasting Company only sell  beer from Canada or hell (and curiously unlitmately Canada!)  ie. Coors and Carling, get a grip and get some Pride fellas as well.


Cocktails said...

It is rather grim going to Broadcasting House isn't it? You come into that lovely exterior, are met by a phalanx of security staff and are directed into one of their horrible, atmosphere-less ante-rooms.

And then they rub your nose in it even more by covering the walls with pictures of their 'stars'.

The theatre is comparatively nice I think!

And what do you mean by your title? Are you trying to make me paranoid about missing out on the later show?!

BLTP said...

I was just being pixish with the title! The theatre was ok except the raised floor cutting off the original exits at the side. The bland fibreboard tunnel your led through while getting redressed is grim though. It was all free though and the reading was ace so mustn't grumble too much.

BLTP said...

shouldn't grumble too much it's £30 quid to see him next year

Cocktails said...

£30!!! I'm kind of tempted, but it would be a lot cheaper to listen to the CDs. Or even just repeats of This American Life.

Will you be going?

ally. said...

ooooh beer from hell. my favourite.

thanks ever so for a smashing evening dearie