Friday, 13 November 2009

In a Pickle

In a Pickle
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Here's my first go at pickling my own. I salted them first to crisp them up, made sure to use cool liquid through out (keeps the crunch better)I did try boiling my own vinegar but it fills the flat with the worst fumes!
So use the ready made sarsons stuff. Oh and get a good film to watch while you peel the tiny onions.

Now I only need to make a loaf churn some butter and curdle some cheddar and I'll have urban(e) ploughmans (i've got some decent apples)


sa said...

They look smashing
Good work!

Davy H said...

Indeed - a sterling effort BLTP.

I met this big hairy-arsed tattooed bloke at a house party once who considered himself something of a home pickling specialist. He'd done some onions with chillis which were absolutely tip-top.

lizvater said...

There's a jar of my home-made pear and kiwi spicy chutney here for you. There are only 4, so you're honoured. One's already gone, one's promised to the Welsh rellies - I'm going to have to make some more at this rate.