Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Turning rebellion into money (Ikea sleeves)

Make me a pallet
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Ooops I did it again.
After a busy day sorting stuff out, I settled down in front of a hot internet and did some more surfing for sleeves.
I think they need to be lifestyly for best results. So many soul sleeves look too funky for the swede dime bar peddlers brochure. Also too crowded or too rocking out shots don't work to my mind. I also chose albums I have some affection for so as to gently "mock" them rather than be overly harsh.

Sadly "by all means necessary by Boogie down productions" is in B/W so can't be used to sell blinds!

 I couldn't find a good scan of More Specials and have relented on Oasis. I think Liam and Noel are so closely linked to the "Ikea generation " their  1st appearance being around the time the stores started to spread across the land . And what did many people play in their stripped down front rooms, their cd players nestling on their Billy book cases but "Definitely Maybe". There's a couple more here including Davy H's suggestion.

I do think I need to blag a copy of photoshop as my method is as a bit clunky (paint to clean up the image, word to do the paste up, snipping tool to take a screen grab and then picture viewer to crop the final pic) it's like the old days of collage making with scissors, pritt stick and piles of magazines! Anyway I'm off to listen to music rather than stare at the covers ENJOY!


Davy H said...

These really are superb TP - Arkid wine glass indeed...!

Russ said...


Have a try of Gimp for photo editing. It's free and pretty good (loads of features similar to photoshop):

sven arkid said...

Klevar Buggah