Monday, 2 November 2009

It was BLTP that won it!!!!

The power of the internet is rising day by day and look 6 comments on this blog and the PO tower is to re-open!


Cocktails said...

Fantastic news! But will we ever be able to afford to actually go there? Hopefully they'll have a bar area for cheapskates like me.

Mondo said...

And the revolving restaurant? Please tell me the revolving restaurant is coming back too.

BLTP said...

we should hold a blog meet when it reopens an play only records bought from tower records, such a revolver and the tower song .
There's no truth in the rumour it's going to filled with black peppercorns and as it spins grind hot stuff over noho!

Mondo said...

Or Kylie I'm Spinning Around, Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round.

Anything from Revolver by The Beatles

I Can See For Miles - The Who
*goes on like this for several hours*

ally. said...

i've cried big bitter tears the last few days, friday especially, at the terrible terrible things they've done to the old dear. tarted up like a hen night in blackpool. it's been awful really. heartbreaking. but this is fine news and i'll be right there. the rotten thing is there'll be all that view but you won't be able to see the post office tower.

Anonymous said...
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