Saturday, 28 November 2009

Tempus Fugit

Curious life moments #3847
Just got a text from my eldest nephew who somehow is  now old enough to come to London on his own (with 9 mates!).
Not sure why I'm more concerned for him (though very, very, very mildly) today rather than the rest of the year. I Didn't offer any advice of where to go etc, you have to make those mistakes for yourself. Doubt he'll mope around record shops (they've all closed and kids don't buy music)  or try to eat (by mistake) a hot towel in a Chinese restaurant like I did on my first time in the smoke.
But coo that we should have lived so long!


davy h said...

That'a lovely picture - lengthening shadows indeed...

At least you didn't drink the water in the finger bowl.

al_uk said...

Go to his Facebook site and see how grown up they all look on their visit!!!!

BLTP said...

blimey I see. Looks like they went to the winter fair in Hyde park which seemed like a good idea