Monday, 5 October 2009

Stitch in time

aka Our Loose Knit Society:
Just as the doors closed she bundled through and found the seat opposite, youngish with as sort of “Siousie Sioux alternative kohl eyed hennaed top knot Macchu Picchu dangling earrings yet autumn brown coordinated” look (oh and of course purple heels). She then immediately rifles through her bag in a way that seemed to herald an urgent medical emergency or at least a “I did pick up on the tickets didn’t I “ trauma only to fish out some mauve and sequin udon thick wool and chunky needles and almost without missing a beat start clicking away.

I went back to my paper until a few minutes later the train jerking to a halt caused her wool to roll on the floor. As I passed it back (we thankfully avoided banging heads) I noticed as she dipped her head for her yarn that she had a silver barbell piercing through the nape of her neck. Of course I then spent the rest of the journey wondering that if she could do buttonholes whether she could use it as a toggle to keep in place her half finished sparkly new scarf.

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