Sunday, 11 October 2009

Down and out in North London

I got to Angel a little early yesterday and so walked up to Highbury Corner via the delights of Upper Street or “Didn’t that use to be” Avenue as only I call it. I’m sure some of the shops have revolving signs to keep up with the trends. I imagine the restaurant owners do what we all do, get up and think what shall we have for dinner tonight “shall we do Thai” “ no we had that last week... how about fusion Greek....”

When did buns start being called “cupcakes”?

I thought everyone in North London was gluten intolerant so how come Upper Street has marginally more fancy dan bakers than it does aspirational toy shops 5 to 3. All along the road people in big scarves where chasing olives round plates and talking loudly. Including one stunningly done up girl (high pony tail, aviator classes lilac coat and fuck off boots “) exclaiming loudly into her mobile“ya, yah I want to go to Primrose Hill to that Cupcake shop to get some things “(presumably cakes?).

She wasn’t the only dressed up person, I obviously spend too much time Deptford (where people only seem to dress up on Sunday mornings) but the parade of done up couples and families was impressive I’m fairly sure I saw some 5-6 year old bridesmaids with fake tans.

Further up a vuitton of yummy mummies had taken over a bar to run their own craft bazaar selling knitting and carefully chosen tat (ladybird books for a tiny burst of nostalgia). This place was sandwiched between the other things that are in excessive high end cook wear shops. Cook wear being what people who don’t like music spend their spare cash on. I like a decent pan but one suspects most of this foodiealia is to be looked at rather than used. Oh and spare us from postmodern kitchen tat a “picnic table ketchup and mustard stand” anyone at least the toy shop is honest about selling toys.

I must admit I was glad to get up to Union Chapel as I had started to notice that even the kids were better dressed than I was and it was too nice a day to be grumpy.

It might be a while before I’m back (unless there’s another good gig) can someone let me know if they change the names of buns again I like to keep up.


Cocktails said...

Funnily enough, I was also on Upper Street on the weekend after a long absence. Obviously I should have been looking out for you in the poncey cookware shops (oh, but what nice, pretty coloured stuff they have...)

We bought very nice sausage rolls from one of your fancy dan bakers and had a good pint of 6X at the King's Head. It's not that bad Islington way!

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Love your collective noun: 'a vuitton of yummy mummies'!