Friday, 9 October 2009

Is It Tunesday already?

Two advances in the world of tunedom this week:
Now the science bit:
first is  a geek update. I finally managed to stream music from my lap top through my stereo. I bought a Motorola DC800 a while ago but being daft  I only spent 3 quid on a bluetooth dongle and it only worked intermittently. Well, I was on TCR the other day and for a whole 8 quid more bought a belkin class one usb bluetooth dongle and they worked together straight out of the box.

Basically the belkin dongle sends music via bluetooth to the Motorola box which si connected by normal audio leads to the "aux input" on my amp and music comes out of the speakers. The sound is plenty good enough for my little flat and ten times better than the tinny laptop speakers.

So what with spotify you can have unlimited tunnage loud and proud for £35 quid tops. (you can even stream music the other way with this set up although not sure of the point of this and also the dc800 will work with audio headphones and if I'm being ultra lazy from my phone!!)

"Sheffield so much to answer for"
And what have you been listening to? well mainly the new Richard Hawley True Loves Gutter lp. Which is chuffing brilliant ,no it is really good like really good. I didn't get into his last one but this one is real step up you have to listen to it and can I suggest it deserves listening in the open air not on ear buds. He uses weird atmospheric instruments and guitar playing and it sounds so  lush and spacious played through my stereo.

The lyrics are filled with paired down grown up poetry and his singing is just marvelous. So buy the lp and play it in order, fermented barley based drinks are optional but enjoyable.

Apart from that I have had a thing for Bryan Ferry Singing Carrick Fergus oh and Rod's version of  Tomorrow is a long time

alt title; How to stream audio / music using bluetooth from you laptop to your hi-fi amp.


Mondo said...

Hello it's Tomorrow's World and the Old Grey Whistle Test in one post. Nice.

I've been on a buzz for that Ferry tune, and some acoustic Rod. Have you checked out Ronnie Lane Harvest Home for more of the same? I've been putting a mix together of similar autumnal sounds, but haven't got round to blogging yet.

Crown Brewer Stu said...

fermented barley based drink are a enjoyable what ever your doing (exept when your going to drive)