Saturday, 24 October 2009

Only the Lonely

Alone again naturally
I was sorting through my photos and remembered I had this shot of some wall writing in Covent Garden. In my less than consistent way this is the sort of graffiti is the sort I approve off someones intense daubings on walls random slogans or even love tokens. Seeing the shot spark another memory of obscure seven inch I found.
The title the Loneliness of London intrigue (I buy most things unknown to me with London in title)

It's a weird late sixties sub JacqueBrel/scott walker not so swinging London pop tune.It starts of bleakly but I think the ending is a bit of cop out but well have listen. It may sound slightly weird as the anti-crackle software can be harsh.I can find nothing out about Peter Reeves so if you know anything please share.

Peter Reeves: the Loneliness of London


ally. said...

that's a new one to me too - perhaps kevin at the london nobody sings might know more


BLTP said...

Thanks for the tip, I thought it was a nice curio normally when I find something like this it turns out to have been number one for 3 weeks in 1963!

ally. said...

i'll pass it on to his big brain

Yr Heartout said...

Cor that's intriguing. Sorry to fail so miserably to live up to Ally's billing about The London Nobody Sings ... but this is a new one to me too. It's wonderfully late '60s isn't it? Sticking me neck out I wonder if as there's an actor Peter Reeves whether it was him having a bit of a go at a Richard Harris thing? What's the songwriting credits?

BLTP said...

Here's the details
Kevin (any hellp most welcome)
It’s on Decca
And it’s a promo single (Demonstration)
For the album “the way I see it”
The A side is the “Loneliness of London”
Sparta Music
Credited to Reeves. (Peter Reeves)
Music Director Ian MacPherson
Producer:Ray Richardson
B side “Ilona”
By the same team
Copyright 1969
Release date
2-5-69 (I’d be 29 days old!!!)
F12921 and DR 43452
Single from LP
SKL 4988
LK 4988

Yr Heartout said...

I think is yer man.

I wonder if it is the same Peter Reeves that appears on this?

I suspect it is the same one as this though judging by the pgotos. Love to be able to claim to know the series ...