Friday, 2 October 2009

Fillim Review

Biggish Screen Entertainent
To Gypsy Hill with R,W,S,T to excellent new idea the Crystal Palace Pictures. It’s a film club based in Gypsy Hill tavern and they are showing good films every two weeks for the next year. Last night was “In Bruges” and I may be the last person to say this but it’s brilliant. A wonderful small film with great acting even from Ralph (rhymes with malf honest) Fiennes, The only down side I was gagging for some Belgium beer afterwards ( had to “settle” for pint of Pride hardly a chore).

I think the whole thing is an excellent idea, we had a short film first an animation by John Shepherd (?) which was good and then he talked about the film which was fun. In a world of surround sound 5:1 flat screens and microwave popcorn it’s good to have somewhere where those of us who like seeing films with other people can go locally. It’s the Third Man next time so bring you world weary cynicism, some wellies and a zither!


ally. said...

That sounds marvelous - I really liked in Bruges I like that Ginger bloke lots . What was that one when they were hanging about in Ireland in quite a similar way? He went down or something? That was grand too.

I've been really enjoying it round here - sorry I've been shoddy about saying so sooner. Good luck with the applications too


BLTP said...

thanks as always Ally.