Thursday, 8 October 2009

Robert Kirby 1948-2009

Sad news: Composer and arranger on many of the albums we've loved Robert Kirby has died. His work especially with Nick Drakes has always had deep effect on me and I count my life blessed the day I walked into Selectadisc and walked out with the Compilation Way to Blue. The sound of Nick's singing and guitar carried along by Roberts beautiful strings and brass the whole sound  filling my dark room in our weird flat in Streatham are quite lovely. Here's "day is done" but well which one would you choose?


Mondo said...

Sad news - River Man is long term fave. I'll spin it up today in his memory.

Cocktails said...

Oh, I didn't know that. It is sad as his arrangements really bring the music to life. I prefer it much more to the starker stuff.

Like Mondo, I'm a fan of River Man too. Also like Hazey Jane for its understated chirpiness.

And completely (and inappropriately) off topic, BLTP, but I'm nosy and I'm simply dying to know. Are you watching Masterchef Professional?!!!!

BLTP said...

dear Both,
not sure how to say this *looks at shoes and whispers* but Robert Kirby didn't do the arrangement on River man it was Harry Robinson Kirby did most of the others though :) you're in good company a famous music journo on twitter early made the same mistake.
C&M re: Masterchef I might be a bit old skool for this but I don't see the point of "Professional Masterchef" isn't it just catering college? Also I have never taken to Michel Roux Jnr he's a little cold and frankly too gaunt to be a good chef. I'll stick to the amateur game.

Cocktails said...

Ok, shows how much we know. Clearly need to read the liner notes more.

I know what you mean about the context of Masterchef, it is a bit 'catering college' and it's quite a damning indictment on professional chefs since so many of them are rubbish. Completely disagree on Michel Roux though. I don't watch the show routinely, but when I do he is great. He's not cold at all - there is always a twinkle in his eye I think!

And there is nothing wrong with being gaunt. Unless, of course, you are John Gaunt.

al_uk said...

Cello song or Noerthrn Sky for me...can't split'em.

As for Prof MC. The chef's are really poor. nothing else to say.

Hoops Hooley said...

I didn't notice that he had passed away. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and getting me to dust off my Nick Drake box set.

I often find the singer+acoustic guitar combination a bit bare and, well, slightly dull, even with a good guitarist like Drake. Kirby's string arrangements were an important part of Drake's sound I think.

Finding it difficult to single out one track though. All those already mentioned are great. Poor Boy maybe?