Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sad News : Liam Maher (Flowered UP)

Oh, these things are never easy particularly when people are caught in your memory in their and your youth . But for a steamy mad evening  the cover of NME had come to visit  Leeds and we Bezed away to "it's On" (twice because they ddin't have many songs) with Liam's distorted vowels and the bands lazy lope it was the place to be. Oh and "weekender" played out for the following years distiling the thrill of going out better than most other things. So here's a some joyful nonsense from ITV oh and aren't kids always cooler in pop videos than popstars.


Cocktails said...

You might as well just write an obits column these days BLTP!

I didn't know about this one either, but you're right, for one (very) brief moment they were it. I still love Weekender.

BLTP said...

sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It sort just came back to me.