Wednesday, 12 August 2009

We Love the NHS!

We love the NHS:

The day after my birthday one of my oldest and best friends fell really ill, not mild swine flu ill or spend the day watching old films ill but really terribly ill. We were all very, very worried for him it was touch and go for several days/weeks. But touch wood, praise be (thank science) he’s still around and is making a gradual but steady recovery. He’s thankfully well enough now to start taking the piss out of us all and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Needless to say he’s here today down to the skill, patience and professionalism of the NHS staff that treated him.

My friend has the sort of job that in the US would attract private medical insurance but when he was desperately ill on the first night his other half didn’t have to worry about any of that nor has she since. He would have got the same treatment regardless of his job, background or indeed age. I’m not sure what other treatment he would have got in the US or anywhere for that matter not much I imagine and his care is continuing now that he’s back at home.

I could go on to talk about the NHS assisted births of my 11 nieces and nephews or the excellent care the rest of my family have received when they’ve needed it. Not always perfect or 100% but certainly not the Stalinist nightmare vested interests, rent a quote knee jerk never really believed in anything US TV hosts, general liars and misanthropes across the ocean think of it.Oh and let’s not get started on the time effort and care, diligence, dedication intelligence, creativity, duty and honour my mum and her 2 sisters put into NHS for over 50 years.

But things like the NHS don’t stem from small minded mean spirited, exploitive people that would seek to deprive others what they themselves feel entitled to and would use something as life affirming as the dear old NHS to make cheap political points.
Honestly bless America but sometimes, just sometimes.


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Cocktails said...

mmm, was watching the Daily Show tonight and their coverage of Obama's health care policy. It's truly astounding. Looks like we'd better get over there before America turns into a communist state with that lefty health care nonsense.

One of the most cheering things I have heard recently was a phone in on Robert Elms' radio London show where people were calling up just to sing the praises the NHS. They do some fine work under often stressful circumstances.

Glad you're friend is alright too.