Saturday, 1 August 2009

Bobby Robson 1933-2009

Just a few quick thoughts on Bobby Robson: It’s never easy being an England fan we expect so much (we invented the thing after all etc…) and yet our form is patchy so when we do well it’s incredible.

It seemed so perfect that sunny summer of 1990, we drunkenly sang “world in motion” on the dewy grass as dawn broke and college wound down, and even working in a jigsaw factory didn’t knock the edge of the excitement. Football was still “grim” in those days fans died at matches, the media didn’t “love” football like they do, and politicians weren’t “life long fans” . But just a few humid flood lit evening matches in Italy(some of them close run games), a bit of opera and every one was a fan (even Germaine Greer!).

This was still, remember when Bamber was the most famous Gascoigne in the land. I mean I at least watched the shoot out through my fingers I think our A watched it from behind the garden shed! It wasn’t to be but well maybe that doesn’t matter as much as the drama of it all, football is an entertainment in the end.

So here’s the best football song ever. No doubt Bobby as we speak will be talking with Jackie Milburn about the state of his knees and handing out the bibs and putting the cones out for a knock about.

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No doubt, he was a great footballer..