Monday, 24 August 2009

The Treasure of the Ford Sierra

“Arrrgh me hearties tis said to lie just off New Cross”
A woman dressed as a pirate: skull bandana, black and white check shirt, knee length trousers and sandals walks out of her way to look at patch of newly disturbed earth in the communal gardens unimpressed she wanders off. The search for Captain Kidd’s lost treasure it seems continues.

Hell in a hand cart.
It might be because it’s the holiday season though not entirely but you do see an awful lot of people pulling around suitcases on wheels in London.
The addition of two tiny wheels has allowed cases to expand to massive sizes. This has ironically destroyed the convenience of wheels as everyone I pass pulling these little handcarts seems to be pained and struggling slowed down by the weight of just one more Primark* vest top or spare pair of trainers.

For instance outside just now a couple were stood 30 feet apart arguing, I think the basic thrust was why can’t he pull her cases as well as his that or “you said it was 5 minutes walk” all this is not helped by the woman’s case having a broken zip and is shedding clothes like the entrails of wounded nylon hippo**.

*Primark seems to be in my spell check how did that happen ?
** well a hippo who has recently feasted on cheap thongs in vivid neon colour ways that is.

Picture credit Neil Crosby check out his cool skul and cross bones rum!


hampshire said...

About women dress oh awesome..

ally. said...

they're a disaster waiting to happen those thing on wheels. steps - man's greatest enmemy

Cocktails said...

Hello BLTP, It's a week or two late, but I just discovered these which you might like on Spotify thanks to St Etienne:


BLTP said...

cheers for those some great music, I do love spotify