Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dressed for success:

A Study In Scarlet: 3 excellent examples of people going their own way and winning. This morning striding through the grey of the City was a youngish guy dressed in matching red jumper and cords in a sort of autumny red; he was striding along with a long umbrella and patchwork bag.
It might have been willful on other people but this just liked “I look good so s*d you sort of thing”. It was worth it for the disdainful look the snidey looking cycle courier gave him you know the type smug smile, smoking joint while eating huge sandwich.

Get Your Cape on: Next up was a homeless guy looking like a sort of Holborn Gandalf with a flowing grey hair and beard and a huge black cape tied at the neck. Around his neck on a boot lace was a Yale key almost like an amulet that or maybe he does have a “lofty twisted tower” to return to after all.

Go Girl!: Lastly and also in black the cool black girl in our office (blue hair, excellent clothes and equally engaging attitude) seems to be wearing a large cloche hat at her desk (we are really not that sort of office) she looks like she might be going to Michael Jackson’s funeral or something .
As for myself the usual really : the shako of a Major in The 1st footguards, the high cut blouson of a Polish lancer and pair of East German postman’s trousers……

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ally. said...

i can just picture you you stylish devil