Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I might just become a Spotify bore it spookily good. I'm not going to get too fervent though it seems too good to be true like that cash machine that was giving out 20's for 10's yesterday.
Free music and only a few inept ads to put up with it won't last.

Listening to Aaron Copland just now his Red pony suite it's like the best cowboy music you can almost smell the pines in th morning, saddle leather, fresh pasture, the clunk of pickup truck doors, tobacco smoke. Not bad for someone who's dad probably came from Gdansk! I like his tunefulness and rhythmic melodies.


Anyway anyone else found any gems (they don't have to be classical)?

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ally. said...

i'm forever impressed anyone finds the time for all this computey based stuff. what am i doing wrong ? the blog just about manages a shoddy post a couple of times a week and flickr is looking shabbier and shabbier and i've not even listened to last weeks attenborough yet...