Sunday, 23 August 2009

I wander through each chartered street,

In the Foot steps of Blake:
My bus got diverted yesterday and as it got further from where I wanted to be I happened to see some old grave stones. And so happily came across Bun Hill cemetary.

Which to my shame I've never visited, its full of dead famous people.

There's some nonsense about "bunhill" meaning "bone hill" but it's clearly where you go to feed the remains of your lunchtime bun to the pigeons!

It's a lovely space the sort of place that when travel shows presenters bang on about the rich history of some far flung place you want to drag them to and go "look William Blake is buried next to Daniel Defoe, stick that in your incense burner Angkor Wat"!

Any adding to history John Wesley use to live across the road and then there is all the unknown lifes and events round here which are sadly lost to us. Anyway I went on a little walk and took some pictures and if you'll excuse my indulgence licked them to some of William's words.

(Oh and sorry for the grumpy post yesterday I don't think in retrospect the wasp people were laughing at me not sure they even noticed me flailing about but well spilt beer is spilt beer they weren't as bad as the posh tossers in the pub who didn't like test match special.)

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Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Great pictures, super graffiti.