Friday, 7 August 2009

Do these shoes go with my mask?

Fashion friday
I know I’m the wrong audience for all this but I’m intrigued by the fashion industry partly because the language they use is so baroque Balconette bra, kitten heel, décolletage but also how they march on seemingly oblivious to outside world.

I’m not sure I could ever get used to living two seasons ahead of your know the real season the one’s dictated by I don’t know... the sun. Today for example the paper is taking about autumn there’s no over arching trend but if you go out in a acid bright big shouldered leather bomber jacket with big shoes and a hint of tweedy Bridesheadism (think Bros crossed with Bertie Wooster) you’ll be “rocking” a very “on Trend” look. Oh and go for “smoky eyes” (Not sure if this as in Kipper, B&H or in deed “America’s greatest living poet”) and you’ll be fine.

In an astonishing move the G2 topshopatistas take a pop at Penelope Cruz as if it would possible for her to ever look grim.

As usual us blokes get very little to work with, I’ve lived in London for most of my adult life I have opinions on olives, the colour of walls and the best qualities a half brogue should posses and I also have friends, colleagues and acquaintances from all creeds, backgrounds and who they like to curlupwithisms but I’m not sure I know single chap (or indeed woman) who’d spend 30 quid on a grey checked eye mask. But good luck to those who do, it is all a bit confusing how would you know if anyone was seeing you “rocking” such a great look on the red eye to where ever when a) you’re asleep and B) you wearing a mas….

Anyway off to sort out my autumn wardrobe *digs out overcoat off the rack knocks of the dust decides it probably do for another year and anyway I won’t need it until November*


Cocktails said...

Ooh, that grey checked mask looks lovely. Unfortunately I've already got an £700 one I got off the plane to Australia last year.

steve g said...

The shoes pic is ace, I didn't know Roger Hargreaves had his own range

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Those ARE your shoes, aren't they? Cool!