Thursday, 6 August 2009

John Hughes 1950-2009

Even though I am closer to Uncle Buck now than Ferris Beuller (scarily so in many respects) I still love John Hughes films the clip below is wonderfuly done and shows something that is often over looked in John Hughes' films that they looked great. As well as being funny, soppy and a bit sexy.
I never had a life like his teenagers but well that didn't matter then or now.


Cocktails said...

Geez, BLTP you're turning into my main source of information about deaths. I didn't know that John Hughes had died. I love the way his films are classic teenpics, but they're well put together, well shot and never patronising. He also evokes a particular 80sness which I'm very fond of.

Pete said...

"I never had a life like his teenagers"

Yes but why? None of us did and I've spent the rest of my life angry that I didn't. Why? Why? Why? Why, in the name of Molly Ringwald and all that is holy, why?

And isn't it interesting that there's nothing here form Home Alone?

BLTP said...

actually I quite like Home alone and Train,planes etc is probably my fave of his films.
And anyway I'm sure a couple of your "adventures as teen fit" a JH story as the poorest kid in the class you drove a mini school and played a saxophone in top hat or something.

Pete said...

In other news, this clip also made me get back into my diet with renewed vigour. I really want to recapture me Teenage Waistband.

BLTP said...

Tee hee
I think i'm going join you, I sure dancing like they in BC will shift the pounds!