Friday, 28 November 2008

Today's news

The things we have in common.
Listening to the news this morning there were some interviews with commuters in Mumbai ,the striking thing about them was their similarity to those we heard from Londoners in the wake of the 7th July bombings.

The interviews were filled with a mixture of defiance, resilience and humour but also we heard from people who were obviously scared and some who seemed very reluctant to be out and about but had to pay the bills.

I shouldn’t have been surprised as one of the things we all forget especially terrorists and other men of violence is that the things we all have in common far outweigh any of our perceived differences be they political, religious or ethnic divides.

The concerns, goals and beliefs of people everywhere are remarkably similar. It’s one of my hopes that these commonalities will eventually help us see off nihilistic and brutal acts like those in Mumbai,
but some days you do wonder.

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