Sunday, 16 November 2008

Things we learned this weekend although I’m not sure how much use they are or how deeply they will sink in.

To Hyde Park and Saatchi Gallery and that there Kings road with E.R.R.S in the gloom and icy winds.

Learning point: Hyde Park was full of Alsatians, a Ferris wheel and roller bladders. Also that the best suggestion for my costume for my works “1970’s fancy dress” lower circle of hell (sorry Christmas Party) was to go as Shirley Crabtree sorry Big Daddy. As you can imagine although this might be a wheeze I fear the horror of me in leotard matched with incomprehension on the faces of the 23 years dressed in flares and porn wigs might make it pointless. My earlier suggestions of true seventies characters to go as, didn’t go down well: so scratch a skinhead, a trade union convener, and a member of the Red Army Faction. I fear I main have some Un-anesthetised root canal work booked on the night in question.

Knightsbridge: was Knightsbridge, lots of people trudging along to buy some thing to get a bag at Harrods. Loads of shops whose names I only ever see on bottles of scent. I couldn’t tell if trade was good as these shops are fairly empty at the best of times. Anyway not having 1,657 quid for jacket we chugged down to Sloan square and into the Saatchi gallery.

Learning point: I don’t have the Armani Code but I think you have to dial 9 for outside line and M for murder.

I have to admit I didn’t know it was such a big affair, I never managed to go to either of his previous gaffs , so this huge old Georgian barracks off kings road is impressive if very brightly lit.

At the moment it’s full of Art from China which I have to admit was a bit patchy and uninvolving apart from the odd painting and a installation in basement. This installation had lifelike dummies of aged world leaders and religious types in electric wheelchairs randomly moving around stopping robotically when they crashed into each other. It was engaging, in a sort of "we are all the same under the skin death comes to us all how the mighty are brought low sort of way".

The rest of the gallery wasn't that vital but it was all free, seems to be well run, so good luck to him.
Learning points: You can take pictures in Saatchi gallery, the British Museum but not the VA.

After seeing some the best Xmas lights (more of which in 14 days time!) and a bit of bus spotting we retired to the bar of the Royal Court Theatre, which is nice apart from some shrieking student thesps who seemed to be having the first drink ever and also they were out of Dabs, cheese, sausage well most things, but we did have nice time : congrats to E & R by the way.

After that we retired (further) to The Antelope which for this horribly Yahry area of town wasn’t too bad with Tasty Fullers on tap.
Learning point: I have some very nice friends Hurrah!

Other things I’ve learnt.

I Heard Enya on the Radio and she seemed not at all away fairies, seemed quiets normal if a bit arty, she even did a song that didn’t seem too bad.

This is the oldest news going but I was sorting out my cd’s and collected up all the free DVD they give you with paper and because it was raining watched the film of Buena Vista social club. Now I haven’t knowingly heard the lp always the way through but the film was really good it’s by Wim Wenders and was nicely shot.

The main singers and players are really serene and accepting ......anyway you’ve all seen it probably but I was really enthralled.

Because they introduced themselves and gave there age before their interviews, my term of Spanish came in handy “mi nombre Ibrahim….
Oh Learning point: all the BVSC’s songs are pure filth! They all seemed to be about the effect Maria’s arse has on you when you are on the beach which is as it should be.... oh and they all seems to have lived to be 90 whilst smoking cigars like a babies legs and 2 of them didn’t know who President Kennedy was.


Cocktails said...

I spent a very pleasant afternoon one year in 1999 (or whenever it came out) watching Buena Vista Social Club. Being a hardhearted old cow, I rarely need say this, but I found it quite touching, especially Ruben 'see piano, must play' Gonzalez. Never realised that I've been listening to pure 'filth' all of these years though...

If you want to wear some kind of leotard outfit you could go to your Xmas party in an early Bowie one-piece type number.

Planet Mondo said...

I still haven't seen BVSC - really should. How about Kendo Nagaskai if you're tempted with wrestler clobber? And have you Read Max Decharen's book 'King's Road' - such a great read full of history about what was at one time 'the hippest street in the world'

BLTP said...

Cocktails: ruben was my favourite and yes another somng was about women bending over and the songs about flowers are always dubious!
PM. I did suggest giant haystacks but Kendo San might be goood option what with his mask and all.
I must admit when I finally went to the Kings road in late 80's I was little let down after all I'd heard and it's even worse now.

al_uk said...

I would pay good money for a photo of you dressed as big daddy!!!!

(tears coursing down cheeks merely at thought!)

Boring specky teacher mode
we talk about learning outcomes now!!

al_uk said...

It has just been suggested that a donation to Oxfam instead would be of order....anonymous of course!!!

BLTP said...

everyone's wrestling suggestion only go to prove my point that if you muts have fancy dress there a lot more inetresting areas to choose from, what about camberwells finest Mick macmanus with his cauliflower ears and hair dyed with black boot polish! It ceratinly beast someone weearing a niteed hat and some blue eye liner screaming along to mama mia