Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Things to do while you wait for the man with your new stove to arrive

  1. Become a rubbish wildlife photographer, honestly the finches on the tree outside my flat we great but my pictures are rubbish the only one that's any good every single one of the birds is facing the other way!
  2. Have a little nap.
  3. Get excited about an Amazon parcel arriving it's some *whispers* Christmas tunes
  4. Make a complicated sandwich in this case Hot bacon , thinly sliced cabbage, dill pickle with a splash of mustard in flat bread, with some hula hoops (plain of course) an orange, and 3 coxes, washed down as I'm on my day off a glass of beer(sadly only Kroneburg)
  5. Clean the space where the cooker is going, don't know why as it will be filled with cooker again soon (well let's hope the guy is already 4 hours late)
  6. Put off reading the paper on line because you were going to go out to the market and get a real paper and some bits.
  7. Not start on your Christmas cards as the moment you do the stove will arrive see also have a bath , prune mint and rosemary bushes.
  8. Spend too long trying to get a £2.30 usb Bluetooth dongle to work with your stereo maybe you should have specced the built in one after all but it was £40.
  9. Try not to curse the cut in Vat which would have paid for the Bluetooth module on your new laptop!
  10. Try to not to get too Christmassy listening to your new cd.
  11. Wonder if today is the day the really good films are on in the afternoon unlike the days when you are at work and they show "Brief encounter", "the third man" and "the Colditz story" before Countdown but you're not putting the TV on otherwise you'll watch docs about Hitler, auction programmes and old episodes of ER's all day.

    4 and half hours the beggars have not still turned up.............

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Cocktails said...

Mmm, should you prune Rosemary? Is this something I should do on the weekend?