Monday, 3 November 2008

New Music:
The Social Services:
"It’s not personal. It's National Security "
Stereo Test Kit Records

I mainly post old music, largely culled from stuff I find on the market, mainly this is to free the tunes from their crackly charcoal circular prisons. Hopefully a few people will hear the tunes for the first time and enjoy them enough to track down a more of the artist work, god this is sounding pompous I like to find new music and I’ve always been a gobshite and so if I like something everyone else must like it too!

But as well as 10 year old malt you need this month’s crispy fresh brews as well.
Anyway here’s some new new music.

Thanks to Swedesplease I found this gem. One of Sweden's seemingly endless supply of bright intelligent catchy pop bands.
They are actually only 1/3rd Swedish the rest being made up of Scots.
I knew I was going to like them as soon as in the lead track The Baltic Sea they not only alludes to Sweden’s stereotypical furniture company but uses the marvellous adjective “ruddy” to describe the complex of the country’s kids. The rest of LP doesn’t disappoint.

The tunes are mainly in English with occasional Swedish phrases and verses the more I hear the Nordic languages the more poetic they become. The songs swing from sweet matter of factness to sweeping drama.
The lead singers I think are Scottish but the singing has slight nasal folky Scandinavian thing going on it is however delightfully precise rich and involving. The music is acoustic pop with elements of the Delgados (?), but also has a French ye-ye feel but also experimental electronic sounds and a element of Weimar cabaret sorry this makes it sound a mess but it works really well honest.

As to theme of the songs well they range from the perils of the fear of foreigners, war, dried mango and Greta Garbo.

Go here and you can get two tracks for free.
I got the album off Amazon a week or so ago and played it 3-4 times a day ever since.
Stand out tracks: Baltic Sea, Hailstones & Electric Brae.

ps. Spanish word of the weak delgado means thin in Spanish.

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