Wednesday, 19 November 2008

an exciting new arrival!!!!

BLTP is happy to announce ......
My new laptop arrived yesterday Hurrah! It’s all slightly annoying because my old Pc was perfectly useable except because I’m a sloughful klutz and an idiot I managed to break the screen, twice. The second time it wasn’t worth paying to have it mended so I had to get a new one.

My new one is really good and nice and shiny and it turned up when they said it would and it works well and the screens hasn’t got any greasy thumb marks on it and the hard drives not full of pictures and tunes and so it runs really quickly and I made a little film on it last night while watching Newsnight and it didn’t crash half way through, so I’m really happy.

Of course because it’s a nice silver Dell and not Apple Mackintosh my film will be less creative than it could be, the pictures stored on it will automatically be slightly out of focus and badly framed my emails that bit less witty, my hair less shiny, and my teeth that bit less pearly white. Because I use a pc I will just be a worse person morally supine and basically very unattractive. But do you know what I can live with that I would rather be snuggled down with a Dell, HP with my printer, my tunes streaming a long in my Motorola, than deluding myself ...... Oh, I don’t want to Nokia Apple but what’s the big deal with the dirty Mac brigade its all iiiii with them; computers are in reality just elaborate electric pencils after all.

Anyway I’m off to edit some more film from the last sunny day of the year, when we picked apples and drank beer in the warm autumn light, if you see it you can try to spot which of my friends use Macs and which use pc’s and while your doing that I hope you notice that once again that advertisers have divided us all up into little beautifully designed boxes.


Zaphod Camden said...

Heh heh.

I've used Windows, I've used Mac OS X...I vastly prefer the latter and will never use the former again as long as I can help it - but I'm not going to preach to anyone to join the Cupertino Crew (or the Redmond Horde for that matter - and don't forget the LibDems of the computer world, the funky penguins)

When we're not indulging in silicon banter with each other - well, it's like Coke and Pepsi, isn't it? We each have our preferences, advertisers like to pigeonhole us into one side or the other, but fundamentally they're both equally good at what they do.

Just don't tell my Apple friends I said that :)

BLTP said...

Zaphod: Do you have 2 screens for your 2 heads!It is just abit of fun this PC vs applething. I think the most ardent combatants haven't used the opposing system in a while so don't see how similar they have grown. Apples are much more expensive than equivalent pcs i did look at one recently and wasn't sure the build quality etc was worth almost double the price. The apple product I use is Itunes for subscribing to podcasts.
I have used the funky penguin but the apps aren't straightforward to use which sometimes is all you want.