Sunday, 23 November 2008

Like the Sixties didn’t happen...

When did Britain stop being Grey (or if you will gray)?

I only ask as the first sentence of last night "kings of glam" doc on BBC2 last night was along the lines of "In the early 70's Britain was a gray dull country but that was all about to change".

Now did I miss another meeting as I thought the sixties had banished greyness from these shores at least that's what the same programme makers we telling us well last week! I'm afraid it did encourage me to watch more.

Looking out the window this morning you hard pressed to imagine that Britain was ever colourful but that's a different story.

ps. my fab new laptop has the new version of Ms Office Word on it and I blogged this straight to blogger and it's worked with no problem isn't technology sometimes marvellous...

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