Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Comet bunch of knobs update

We love electricals it's our customers we can't stand

So the stove just arrived: the Comet delivery guy rang at 8.30 saying he'd be 40 mins. So I've waited in for 6 hours.

When laughing boy from Comet finally wanders up he's on the phone and I have to stand holding the flat door open while he lies to his next customer he doesn't even acknowledge I'm there for a couple of minutes, he eventually hangs up, lies to me and then he and his mate swop the new for old cooker all of 3 minutes work. Comet then are crap.

So it's hardly worth bothering with my day off, it's now getting dark, the papers out of date, the markets packed up, and the bakers will be out of bread.

UPDATE: About half an hour ago Comet rang up to check on their service needless to say I didn't give them a glowing report, mainly the inability to say when they were turning when they knew from 9 this morning ther was no way they'd be with me in the morning.

With shops closing left right and centre keeping yopur customers happy must be the way forward.

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