Friday, 4 April 2008

Clever Little Tykes

Thick Accents:
Tee hee, so let's get this right Yorkshire is the biggest county, has the best scenary, great beer, excellent cheese, brilliant curries, pies to die for, the best artist (living) Hockney, the best british film ever made Kes, the best football team, come on you reds And now people think we talk reet clever.

Tee hee of course there have been clever Mancs Alan Turing for instance but unfortunately tha's got ta sound smart if tha wants people to think tha a clever beggar.
As for poor old brummies the best advance and something Tykes never do is to keep schtum.
ps we don't mention the terriers, Leeds United, Black Lace and most of Rotherham by the way.

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