Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Birthday Special

It's my Birthday today (3rd) and as you should always do stuff you like , here's some tunes I'd play . This is just great and you can hear me singing in the crowd at the end.

Here's one present I got already it's in 3d and signed by the drawer! Alan Moore as we all know "knows the score"

I'm going to have some this for sure

If I'm being honest after all the fancy films I've watched and liked, I'd watch this on my Birthday, but it was on sunday so that save me a jobs and remember the villagers always win...

this always cheers me up!

somebody has to sing to the birthday boy!

here's my other birthday present Aretha singing my song

Later some of this may be taken.
and then we'd listen to Otis sing or maybe something new like this .
(I'm not going to come up with some fantasy party guest bit pointless as the women who plays the book stall owner in the "long goodbye" is long dead and I bet she wouldn't wear those glasses anyway. So it would be just the people I love and like.)

and what better way to drift off than this

Anyway please excuse the solipsism normal service will resume shortly.

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ally. said...

happy birthday sweetie - what a fabulous way to spend it too.
we were sat next to a bunch of elbows on a train to manchester a while ago and they were hilarious - never stopped eating bickering and making themselves a pack of cards that were ready just in time for them to get off. very sweet.