Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Blame Game

I haven't posted any tunes recently, my clean up over the weekend did turn up the hard copy of this 7 inch. It's by The Association who were new to me, the web didn't cast much light on them. This is the B-side partly because I like it better and also the A Cherish is just too scratched for public consumption!

It's called "Don't blame it on me" and it's marvellously bittter and twisted. I think the best policy with some 60's songs is to blame on the times as the politics can be a bit eye watering, as in :
"Hey joe where are you going with that gun in your hand?"
" I'm off to shoot my old lady down"
"oh ok are ya coming down the club later they've a turn on"
" ay probably let me just top the wife and stab deliah and I'll see ya for swift one..."

Cherish sounds like a weird internet stalkers hymn by contrast in "don't blame it me" the protaganist just seems cheesed off at being dumped !
Once again apologies for the scratches as Peel use to say this one sounds like it was recorded on a section of the m4....
Don't Blame it On Me -The Association

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ally. said...

i've just discovered the association via a tip from i like and have been harmonied up something rotten all week. there's something to counteract this top quality bitterness round mine