Monday, 1 March 2010

all that glisters isn't golden syrup

Went for a nice stroll round the edge of the isle of dogs had hoped to walk via the 2 foot tunnels but was bit too long and the end bit at Silvertime you couldn't get that close to the river so did the last bit on the DLR.

It was really interesting never been eastwards on Isle of Dogs. It was the usual mix of dull and lifeless private housing and odd river side oddities (the bits people actually like!) .

I got the usual looks for poking around on various beaches and even told off by one of the flat dwellers. She was a bit put out when I pointed out it's didn't belong to her flat and depending on the tide I was probably on the Queen's bit and she'd said it was ok. I almost wrote F off in stones but was in too a good mood.
Anyway here's some more pics

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