Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothering Sunday!!

Happy Mothering Sunday!!
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As usual we turn to Greggs to find out how they are expressing important emotions/events in butter cream and sponge batter.

In their the shop the other day to get a loaf the cheery staff were discussing accidents. After a grusesome discussion of a friend's latest surgery the woman serving me chirps up
"well there's always some fing worse that can 'appen, I've never 'urt myself badly".
"what d'ya mean" he colleague loading the steak bakes chips in "you, fell through that plate glass window the other day!!"
Laughing my server replies "oh ya I woz forgettin' THAT! what am I like?...I only broke me glasses tho' and that gurls shoppin!'"
Anway love to ya muthas! today as always

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