Friday, 12 March 2010

Beer here there & everywhere

Out about in London’s brilliant parade with BLBW for well with some inevitability some beer we went to the London Drinker beer festival at Camden centre.
It was jolly perhaps not as good as the Hackney one in December but the beer was good. Ales to look out for Acorn IPA, Urban Dusk from Redemption (a lovely best bitter from Tottenham’s finest) and a lovely IPA from Fullers Bengal lancer which won’t be around for long so hurray while stocks last.

It was then off whizzing through the night to Battersea which picking itself up from the disappointment of me and BBLW no longer living there has got even more la-di-da. Had a jolly time at a new pub amongst the gilded youth of the south shore (shoulder pads and loud voices are back in or never went away I’m not sure).

It is a different world, the beer was good and the place was buzzing. It was odd to see that “brewing Up “ by BB is now aspirational amongst the other tasteful poster and oh they have He-man wallpaper in the bogs!

Anyway wandering home via the Kings road with its orange trainers and cafes that sell champagne for breakfast I made a little film...” we’re not Deptford anymore Toto”....

Quote of the Day:
On the tube: a friendly group of museum workers on their way home, sharing horror stories of their difficult customers.Apparently on being told there were no more places left at a sleep over event for their little “Saffron” the reply came back from one Uber mum
“ you do realise she’ll won’t get into Cambridge now!”

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