Monday, 1 March 2010

You can call me Dave

People on the radio keep mentioning St David's day.... good luck to all Welshers today if you having a party hope it stops raining long enough ;-) .
Not sure about all these national days myself seem a bit simplistic. I seem to have to have about 400 allegiances some stronger than others the fact I was born in England doesn't seem chief among them, partlicualry as the raise of nationalism seems to have brought out rather petty squabbling and nastiness between the people on these wet islands.

 I mean we are weird mixed bunch already lets not fall out  don't want to be all modernist but our similarities far outweigh any divisions but  then a again I'll not stop anyone wearing a flower on their hat or drinking too much stout.
That being said if you don't already love Joy Formidable your a horrible anti Welsherist and  Windsor Davies* will come and shout at you or summat.

* the things you learn Windsor Davis was born in canning town see I was right it way more complicated

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