Friday, 26 February 2010

last night a cowboy saved* my life:

I had some good news today so I'm not sure why I've worked myself into a funk. Even the heavy rain this afternoon wasn't the problem, as the lady in greengrocers said "it's good to have proper rain every now again". Nor do I think it was entirely the nonsense on the news about our inept government and all the RBS cr*p . I'm not sure maybe it's just February. It's odd  though what can cheer you up even an advert for a  WEAPON SYSTEM ARCHITECT  that's keen to promise a health plan and child care scheme  can do the trick.

 Then I started to listen to some music and fell on Johnny Cash. I tried to avoid to pressing repeat on "I see a darkness" too many times (I can't decide if this film is the saddest or funniest version I think  anyone in the depths of existential angst who washes up in Marigolds isn't that far gone!) and then I stumbled on this which I'd forgotten about and which swung me around and then my book turned good and and and.

* I know I know a bit ott but well C&W encourages big gestures at the best of times.

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