Monday, 22 February 2010

The sound of the Progeometric Age and other London tales

" Progeometric is not a commonly used term...."
so says
Katja Strunz at Camden Arts Centre art and whom am I to doubt her. Ms Strunz's work was part of arty trawl through town these last few days.

It was a cheery piece whereby a forest (well a copse) of old brass instruments are fitted with speakers and eerie postrock ambient sounds played through them, it was really intriguing. Never been to CAC before and even  a dreadful tube journey didn't spoil this work.

After that it was off to Old street with S &R to see William Egglestone show , which was good. I do fear his work has been absorbed by every one myself included trying to take shots like his although this expo is worth a look .

The day before  we had a lovely time wandering round the Courtauld institute with K & L (let's not leave so long next time) which was a real joy as usual. They have the best works and the lack of crowds make looking at them a real pleasure (it's only £4 quid for concessions) and the cafe is good too.

To round off my arty nosiness I had a poke around the London fashion week tent in Courtauld courtyard. I took a punt on door  to sneak in and almost wandered into the dressing rooms! So I scurried out and just watched the fashiony types trying to hide their excitement at being stopped by various journos/camera crews and asked what they were wearing "what this well it's vintage I got it in Oakland ..."

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