Tuesday, 2 February 2010

IKEA LP sleeve slight return: She Took a Long Cold Look

She Took a Long Cold Look
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This is a triple mash up Ikea record sleeve for Barrett Homes!! A little gloomy perhaps but well it is winter and well the minimal look is still with us speaking of which have you been to http://unhappyhipsters.com/

Full set of sleeves here


davy h said...

This may be your best yet. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

BLTP said...

Thanks DH, someone mentioned it yesterday and it struck chord. Have been keeping an eye for more suitable domestic seens. I believe this sleeve has SD's young lady friend on the back cover losing a fighting battle wth clothes !

Cocktails said...

That's a good one. We really should have thought of it before!

PS. Do you like Ian McMillan? I saw that he is the poet in residence for Barnsley and thought of you somehow. He's performing at Soho theatre in a few weeks?

Cocktails said...
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Cocktails said...

Right, obviously didn't mean to post that twice. And he's poet for Barnsley FC - not the town!

BLTP said...

thanks cm. Yes I really like Ian Mac I Have some of his books he's agood mix of good poetry and a populist streak which mean he's often not taken as seriously as your chin strokers.