Thursday, 14 January 2010

Vaulting ambition

Vaulting ambition
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Went to Southwark Cathedral today. Been past hundreds of times on the way to work so it only seemed right. It's nice and peacefully inside and the vaultingand columns is incredible. I think it's been heavy restored but it's of a piece. Here's 4 things I found out.

Local boy Tommy Steele is on the audio guide.
They have the tomb of "Englands first poet" ( John Gower died 1408)
And the chapel dedicated to the healthcare workers was paid for by a seller of quack medicine. (Lionel Lockyer) who's pills included "sunbeams"!!
Wencelas Hollar drew this map from the tower

It's a good little Cathedral perhaps not as grand as St Paul's or ridiculously historical like Westminster Abbey but it had a suitbly spiritual calm atmosphere and the people were very friendly.


Cocktails said...

Southwark Cathedral is a bit like St Martin's in the Fields - they're both more 'working' churches, based in their local community.

And I think, they've got a cathedral cat.

ally. said...

my cousin plays the organ there sometimes too