Monday, 4 January 2010

Burj Dubai: world's biggest metaphor opens.

an Oasis of entertainmentLoving the fawning coverage on most channels/ news reports of this new cock  skyscraper that's been built in Dubai. I'm sure most Parish Councils could knock up a similar pile of un-substainable pointless probably empty for years feudal tat if they paid the people who built it £2.84 a day! But as long as western designers swish in for the opening and make sure the cheques don't bounce, I'm sure it's a masterpiece.


Cocktails said...

I console myself by thinking that in a few years time much of Dubai could be like some kind of Mad Max/BladeRunner wasteland. Or at least a monument to the perils of tasteless and excessive capitalism.

BLTP said...

It does seem shame they haven't spent their mineral wealth on educating their people (or health housing etc) rather than using it to borrow more money to build this sort of worthless tat.

Cocktails said...

I think that the local people are looked after, it's the slave labour from India and Bangladesh that isn't. But who cares about them now eh?