Thursday, 21 January 2010

Seeing the Bigger picture: Tate Britain

Off to the tate with A, R, E & A yesterday mainly to see the  Turner expo but also to drink tea and have natter. It's a really fascinating collection showing how he fits in with past masters and the talent of his own age. Oddly this was my favourite pictures in the show and it's by Thomas Girtin.

Also went to see "our David's" (Hockney that is)big picture of Trees near Warter. It's really impressive and has strong feeling of the rural parts of God's own county you can really feel the misty grey space and smell of  the musty leaves you find in copses like this. Worth popping in to see in it's tryptic glory.


davy h said...

That's funny, I was there myself just last week. Loved the "Daves" and was also rather taken by that nice man's knitted pyramid rock (sorry about the Daily Torygraph).

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

We have a David Hockney exhibition in Nottingham at the moment - early work - it's the first exhibition at the new Nottingham Contemporary. Best bit was the quotes from Hockney about the paintings.
Warter is near Pocklington which my grandparents used to insist doesn't actually exist.