Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year new week

Don't really do resolutions as I know mine rarely get passed putting the marge back in the fridge and finding the lid for the marmite pot.
Anyway you are probably sleighbelled out by now so some new tunes may be in order. I heard this lot literally just now and particuallry like this song by Wild Beasts. How can you not love a song that sounds bit like Billy Mackenzie but also mentions girls from Shipley and Whitby!!

I've also been enjoying this lot of Swedish types "Sally Shapiro" who are very good in a St Etienne New Order  b-side italo disco sort of way. Also the singers not called Sally Shapiro nor is anyone else in the band it's conceptual but not enough to be daft and put you off the music.

Also you can't go far wrong with this at anytime of year.


Cocktails said...

Quite like those. The vocals on Sally Shapiro remind me of Lush. The name reminds me of a weather or news reader!

BLTP said...

Yep and across to sally in the weather tower...

The whole lp's good IMHO.