Sunday, 10 January 2010

King Smooth: Cameron botox selecta'

Smoothie Camus
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Sorry another meme from the house of BLTP. This time not Ikea/lp mash ups but summat more insidious the normalisation of such bland vacuous entity as David Cameron.

New Labour has failed most of us especially those who founded the Labour party but The Tories have always only ever looked after a very small elite group in this country (it's not news it's what they've always done) their trick has always been to co-opt other groups who feel they will benefit (although they seldom do) from the crumbs from the table.

I'm not sure who you should vote for the Lib Dems probably but certainly not Cameron and his Eton chums (yeah yeah class doesn't mean anything any more well why do people send their kids to Eton if it doesn't?)
There's a blank version at my flickrspace if you feel inspired.

Anyway the less band airbrushing we have the politics the better.
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al_uk said...

After his performance (and that's what it was) Cameron comes over more and more insincere. He's learned those "Blairite" hand gestures that politicians with media training seem to get. And he seems to talk more and more and say less and less.

As for voting for him ........ I'm hoping for a sudden insertion of the "None of the above" option on the ballot papers.

My only serious suggestion is to do what I'm trying to do which is engage in a dialogue with my Mp over as much as possible. I've made it clear to him its now really down to my view of the individuals on the ballot paper. Ask yourself do you think your Mp is honest and has integrity?

BLTP said...

I think your right Al to vote for the none Tory you feel will make the best Mp for your area. My Mp Joan ruddock is an honest sort I just think New Labour are a spent force look what happened earlier the week , no salt to grit roads, the trains not running before it even snowed , then the banks evading the bonus tax and new labour are busy texting each other and jockeyning for postion in a leaderhsip battle, pathetic.