Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Australia Day (local chapter)

R. Fiddes
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Went to Nunhead cemetery on Sunday, shamed by not having been before it's wonderfully atmospheric, peaceful and wild. There's a wonderful view down to St Paul's from the top of the hill and myriad of rambling toppling graves and old trees.

There's a number of military graves/memorials in Nunhead  I chose R. Fiddes as he was sadly the youngest of the Anzacs in this group and with it being a gloomy day this young lad having traveled across the world to die (of his wounds?) barely out of school seemed extra poignant. You can imagine him not being that dissimilar to the people from down under etc we see/work with everyday. Not that dieing at age 34 like his neighbour is any good either. They are surround by the mass of everyday London folk so they are in good company.

Oddly near the entrance the entrance is another link to Oz with the Scottish martyrs monument who in 1790's got sent down under simply for campaigning for the vote! If you not been to Nunhead have a wander over. Oh and then there's the view from Telegraph Hill I should really get out more.

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