Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday Stuff:
Well yesterday was good, I did have to have a moment of clarity having been an arse and had to schlep back from town to pick up my Buzz tickets and running round on the tube etc in the heat it's a good job I wasn't in charge of anything important like the space programme!

Striding out to bat:
I was on the St Gile's Circus yesterday and was brought up short at the sight of a wild eyed long haired crazed looking bloke running the other way wielding a cricket bat. I was little perturbed thinking he was one that locales "imbibers" intent on carnage . He then thankfully dropped a Cricket ball and it turned out that in his ill matched "whites" he was off to play erm well cricket.
There goes the Neighbourhood:
Run for your lives the Guardian has found Deptford!! the only bit of note is the "Well connected" section I know what they are getting at but it's the note of suprise that grates particularly as most Guardianistas live in places like Stokey which hardly accessible at all. Last time's record 1hr.30 on the bus to get to the quiz!
Bursting with Pride:
The centre of town was filled with Pride yesterday which is nothing if not a good thing. If I hadn't been doing my bee in jar impression I could seen a bit more of waht was going on. Loving the sign in Trafalgar square that seemed to say "Bisexual Mayor of London" though.

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