Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Edwyn Collins Podcast

For anyone who may have missed it:
Edwyn Collins & Grace Maxwell were on the Simon Mayo* show (talking to Richard Bacon I know it’s confusing it’s the holidays) about Grace’s new book “Falling & Laughing”. You can download the podcast via I-tunes.
One bonus is EC singing “low Expectation”. The whole thing is a joy. Adding to the good news, there was talk of re-release Series of the Orange Juice LPs possibly next year.

If you go to Edwyn’s website you can hear “Low Expectation” on its own (this wasn’t working when I tried so if you have problems drops us a line and I’ll send you my own DIY version of the song but you have to promise to buy the book!)

*I can recommend the Daily Mayo podcast its radio Five without the endless racing results and phone ins with “Terry from Altringham” whinging about Alex Ferguson just grown up talk with most of the time interesting types. Also every sane person listens to Kermode’s film review don’t they?


Cocktails said...

ooh, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I only ever really listen to Mark Kermode on Simon Mayo's show, but clearly there is a whole other world out there...

ally. said...

i'm lovin the bbc a whole lot more with a new ipot thingy that wifi's me up to the iplayer so i'm finding glorious stuff all over the place. saturdays archive about northern men is worth a go if you've got a spare hour.
and ta for this too - low expectations is one of my favourites