Saturday, 11 July 2009

The 5:35 to Reading

Out and about
The self-improvers

Got a bit of a flier yesterday evening and got a relaxed less heaving train home. In our little corner of the carriage by chance was group of people thirsty for knolwedge.
While most of the train was reading their daily updates of Boomtown Brats or wolverhampton Travel Lodge's drunken exploits we happy few had cast our net "wider". I was reading about how to take better pictures of small things. Across from me a glamorous young asian woman dramatic red streaks in dark hair, tight sequined plunging vest top (yeah I know but it was meant to be eye catching wasn't it), vertigious wedge heals (you know the look) was reading a Linux computer manual. Next to me a older man with bright white hair glasses and dark a suit had literal rollled up his sleeves and was engrossed in a magazine that seemed to about renovating edwardian sailing dingies.
Lastly diagonally opposite Hurrah was or old friend from February the woman with the backed books. There she was her clothes more summery and her book thicker but what caught my eye as last time was the cycling catalogue backing paper. I'm too English and she was to engrossed for me to pluck up courage to ask her why and anyway us readers like our peace.

I sometimes imagine at times like this all the sentences from these eclectic texts rising up and mixing in the stuffy air of the carriage...... "the protocols for levered memory construction are easier than you might imagine and anyone use to coding... unlike for planking there is no need to soak the timbers for the footings as long as you are using seasoned timber...Catherine walked down the path like she'd done although those times with Tim & Shandy. Her bags brushing the hedge for startled her and for a moment she thought Shandy was about to bound past tail wagging eager to be let in...a tripod is essential for close up work remember to take into account of the weight of your camera when buying one... Saving money here will be a false economy, a good model will last.....

I sometimes wish my journey was longer when I'm deep in good bit.

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