Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hot Sand Hot Love

Well the weeks tipped over towards the weekend and it’s hotter than a pie oven on match day so some summer tunes are in order. You may not be able to wander along the beach where you are but pop music has been whisking us to beach since well about 1947 probably.

First up some Dutch style sitar pop freak out. I do think that any call to make love on the “hot sand” is always metaphorical, as most of us can’t munch a round of cheese and pickle in a deck chair without it getting the gritty stuff everywhere, let alone get it on with Deborah Kerr. Hot sand is the b-side to the original version of the global smash Venus. It’s got some peculiar lyrics written before appearance of Viz, isn’t the “sea gulls head” one of their summer annuals! I love it for being a full on sea weed stomping sensation.

“Summer day over
And darkness come with mighty wings
The sea gull's head is tired
And when he's tired then he sings”

Also I like the way that even hot sun, hot sand, hot love has a twist to it and not just the effect of amber solaire and silica between your Clark's sandal straps.

“ I'm waitin' for the hour
I'm waitin' for a place to stay
Some place where I can rest
And not think about the empty day”

Hot Sand by Shocking Blue

Speaking of melancholy and possibly darker summer thoughts it seems bladder rack and Punch and Judy shows aren’t the only slightly creepy things on the tide line. I recently found "Our party will be on the beach tonight" by Jonathon Richmond. Is it me or is this faintly sinister as if this particular beach blanket bingo hasn’t gone quite as planned. And you thought only Mozza wrote moopy marine melodies.

Our Party Will Be On The Beach by Jonathon Richmond

Seaside special: can I thank BLBW for my Battle-Action summer special all I need now is some gritty swimming trunks and a swig of some warm Ki-Ora and it will 1976 all over again!


Planet Mondo said...

I do love that Shocking Blue tune 'walking on ver hot sand wiv you' it sounds like

Cocktails said...

I love the Shocking Blue track too. It is perfect for a muggy day like today.

Unfortunately, the weather is preventing me from listening closely to Jonathan. All I sense is melancholy - which I do not want to hear on a warm Friday.