Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Monkee Business

London lunch time stuff

I Saw Mickey Dolenz just off Bedford square he was dressed for a day at Lords, smart panama, suit flannel trousers; it’s always nice to know these people really exist and no I didn’t mention Metal Mickey.

I’d just been shorn under the sign of the posh frog, all to the tune of Bonkers Dizzie oh and 7 quid plus tip. I was snipped by a taciturn Asian lass, who said nary a word all the way through my trim but then gave me the biggest smile when she’d finished, it was like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.

After that while I munched my lunch in Bedford square some AA students where working on their latest project it’s all wavy sheets of ply and hardboard, here’s me waffling on about last years effort.

After that it was a case of avoiding buying anything in Gosh and a bit of lens envy in the camera shops and then back to work.

Here's the Monkees in rather wonderful clip of girl I new somewhere, the man has got to youtube so you can't imbed them :(


Planet Mondo said...

He was always my favourite Monkee - always loved this and this Monkee numbers

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

I used to love The Monkees when I was a kid - I think they were on Saturday morning TV after The Banana Splits and Marine Boy and those cartoons where someone would go 'size of an elephant!' and save the day. *Sigh of nostalgia*