Tuesday, 9 June 2009

deep breath.... face slap..... new start

Well yesterday was a bag of Sh*te!

On most fronts from the micro to the macro, near and far right , there wasn't even much on the Telly oh and then the water bill turned up!

So let's see if things can be better today:

So ideas for irredeemably cheery things will be most welcome: tunes, films, jokes, pictures, you know good news in general.


Cocktails said...

Yesterday was rubbish wasn't it. I can't think of anything particularly cheery today either. Perhaps the thought of tube drivers thinking that they deserve a pay increase?

BLTP said...

made me laugh
I'm all from free speech i just not that keen on paying the BNP's printing cost that's all.

Cocktails said...

ha! that is good.

He's just going to have to get used to this sort of thing.

steve g said...

get yourself a wagon wheel flavoured milk shake, put datarocks 'computer camp love' on and don't worry.

al_uk said...

Try cycling home through a glorious thunder storm, torrential rain, huge puddles to cycle through....get totally and fantastically soaking wet as you cycle through wonderfully verdant yorkshire country side.
Made some of laughing boy's pecan biscuits from the Observer (even found pecan butter in asda Barnsley)yummy! And england are winning at half time!